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NEO Air Charter

We are the air cargo charter experts. We have a passion for creativity, innovative thinking and teamwork.

We provide chartered aircraft solutions, tailored to your specific cargo transport needs. Anywhere and anytime, worldwide.

is independent in it's choice of operators, handling agents or airports with no obligations with regards to binding leases, agreements or hubs.

Our vision to set new standards in the air cargo charter world, providing the best service trough innovative thinking, processing and solutions. Long-term relationships with our customers and our suppliers.

Our service is founded on years of hands-on experience, but we are eager to constantly re-evaluate and re-innovate the different steps of air cargo charter business. NEO Air Charter provides a personalized service. Your individual broker coordinates all aspects from A-Z and keeps you informed about the progress of your flight. This is the key to your satisfaction.

Through NEO Air Charter we can offer you full- and partcharter solutions from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.